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[ccp4bb] Cryo-EM Specialist position at the Harvard Cryo-EM Center for Structural Biology

Dear colleagues, 

A cryo-EM specialist position at the Harvard Cryo-EM Center for Structural Biology is available now. See below for detailed job description and how to apply. Please share this message with those who are interested. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Cryo-EM Specialist position at the Harvard Cryo-EM Center for Structural Biology


Harvard Medical School, Boston Children's Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Massachusetts General Hospital have joined to create a new cryo-EM center for structural biology in the Harvard community (https://cryoem.hms.harvard.edu/).  The facility opened at the end of 2018 and currently houses two FEI Titan Krios electron microscopes each equipped with Volta phase plates, BioQuantum GIF and a K3 direct detector and one FEI Talos Arctica electron microscope equipped with Volta phase plates and K2 direct detector (upgrade to K3 planned in 2019).  We seek personnel who will train users, operate the microscopes and interface with a vibrant scientific user community.  This position is ideal for scientists keen to use their skills to contribute to multiple projects from many research areas and to take on science management responsibilities.


Job description.  (1) Serve as the technical interface between the user and the microscopes: check microscope alignment, insert grids, set up users to record images.  (2) Train users in cryo-grid preparation, in operation of software that runs the microscope and records the images.  (3) Advise users on experimental strategy or (when appropriate) collaborate with them to assist in data recording, analysis, and structure determination. (4) Assist the faculty director in managing the facility, working closely with a team of cryo-EM specialists and the facility director to maintain and operate the microscopes and keep records of daily operations.


This position will have a high degree of independence, opportunities to present at regional and national scientific symposia and workshops, and opportunities to develop collaborative relationships with Harvard investigators.


Requirements. (1) Ph.D. in a field related to structural biology such as cell biology or biochemistry. Experience in structural biology -- either x-ray crystallography or electron microscopy (or both) -- ideally at the postdoctoral level.  Moderate or extensive EM experience preferred.  Experience with cryo electron tomography is a plus.  (2) Good communication and interpersonal skills with attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.  (3) Expertise in operating complex instrumentation and experience with sophisticated software systems.  (4) Interest in becoming cryoEM expert and learning how to align and operate high-end microscopes at a very sophisticated level. (Potential career track as EM facility director, for example.)


To apply, please submit a cover letter and CV to the director, Dr. Stephen Harrison, via schadmin@crystal.harvard.edu.  In the Subject line of your email, please write: Cryo-EM Specialist. 

Sarah Sterling, Ph.D.

The Harvard Cryo-EM Center for Structural Biology 
Harvard Medical School
250 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

Phone: (617) 432-7091
Email: Sarah_Sterling@hms.harvard.edu

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