Minutes from 28th November 2002:


 0. Maeri and finances.

 1. BioXHIT & ccp4@DL (All/Colin?)
    a. CLRC and Framework 6 bids - John Wood's statement
       can we bid? - Colin update!?
    b. Collate presentations/ideas into 5 min presentation to be given by
       Colin?/Keith? in Dec?

 2. Overview of LIMS (Alun)
      Report from oxford SPINE meeting (distributed)
      Data items and whose working on them?
      Dec EBI / Gif / ESRF? meeting.

 3. Review of CCP4 grant proposal (All)
    (any comments arising from the distribution of the renewal?)
    Research report
    CCP4 annual report. big meeting Easter post ccp4 release.

 4. Bidding for potential spare CCP4 funds
      2002/3 'under'spend
         extra funds for USA workshop
         the developers workshop
         extra hardware
      Resources freed by grant renewal/extenssion
         extra people
         new/old projects

The issue of meetings and CCP4 APR's was resolved. It was decided that after the next release there should be a 1 day meeting in York to set individual and group APR's (around Easter). This will include staff from Daresbury, all non-Daresbury CCP4 funded people and their supervisors, and any other relevant people are welcome. This would be seen as our annual get-together and the aim of this meeting would be to identify projects and set the targets for the next 12 months, structured by these projects. There would also be a 6 month review of these APR's, held around October time at Daresbury. Part of this meeting would be to begin planning the next release, set deadlines, etc. These meetings will not replace ALL developers' meetings, but any developers' meetings between different sites would be on a project basis and would involve only relevant staff.

Pryank Patel