Minutes from 21st November 2002:


-BioXHIT: Presentations by Pete, Alun and Martyn.

-Review of CCP4 commercial web page

-Review of last minutes

-Review of CCP4 grant proposal

-Overview of LIMS


Topics included whether or not CCP4 should form joint proposal with York or SR department at DL. Seemed clear that CCP4 should be joined with DL as a preference. Colin gave overview of his proposal: E600,000 with E300,000 for crystallisation and E300,000 for data collection, with standard robotics and LIMS to control it. 1 RA for 3 years to run crystallisation and 1 RA for 2 years to run LIMS and data collection (just SR department).

CCP4 at DL:

3 projects:

Development of CCP4i database and server to run the database and implementation of tracking, data retrieval, etc. with standalone database system that supports CCP4i and external applications.

LIMS development: potential development of MOLE(?)

Automation within CCP4. Development of libraries and programs, development of automation, scripts and controller.

Other suggestions from York: Combination of Phasing and Molecular Replacement, high-level tracking and combination of refinement and validation.

See also:
Alun's Presentation
Pete's Presentation
Martyn's Presentation

Colin, Keith and Peter Briggs to attend the meeting in Frankfurt on 4th December. Have to compress presentations into 4 overheads for Pete to present in Frankfurt. To flag in overheads: will continue collaborations with Autosharp and other group members.

Review of Commercial Pages:

The new commercial page designed by Peter Wood was met with approval.

Review of last minutes:

New pages with minutes to include minutes from WG2.

Agenda for 28th November 2002:

0. Maeri and finances

1. BioXHIT and CCP4@DL (All/Colin)
a. CLRC and Framework 6 bids - John Wood's statement; can we bid? - Colin to update
b. Collate presentations/ideas into a 5 minute presentation to be given by Colin/Keith in December

2. Overview of LIMS (Alun)
Report from Oxford SPINE meeting (distributed)
Data items and who is working on them
December EBI / GIF / ESRF meeting

3. Review of CCP4 grant proposal (All)
(any comments arising from the distribution of the renewal?)
Research report
CCP4 annual report. Big meeting in Easter post CCP4 release.

4. Bidding for potential spare CCP4 funds.

Pryank Patel