Minutes from 13 November 2002:

Proposed Agenda:

-Report from Oxford LIMS Meeting (Pryank & Alun)

-Review of APR's (All)

-Review of CCP4 grant proposal (All)

-BioXHIT and ccp4@dl (All & Colin)

Confirmation of Keith's next visits: Thursday 21st November and Thursday 28th November 2002

Copies of summary of Oxford LIMS meeting were handed out. Was suggested that discussion of this report delayed as BioXHIT item was priority

Copies of CCP4 grant proposal were also handed out

Review of APR's:

Martyn briefly went through the APR reviews held with other CCP4 members and the outcomes of these discussions. Confirmation of line management structure was requested by Pryank in preparation for meetings with SH and GJ the next day. Suggestion for CCP4 Project/Group APR was made. Was generally approved but needed more discussion. Was agreed that it would give group more focus in achieving goals. Could possibly be implemented shortly after the next release and would involve everyone funded by CCP4. Discussion also about frequency of these meetings for APR - should it be part of CCP4 developer's meetings? Needs more discussion.

Charles made suggestion that role within CLRC should be changed from "User Support" to "Customer Support"

Reminder was made to put CCP4 license header into all new programs

Note for Maeri: Anything of substance with regards to license enquiries to be passed on to Keith or Neil


See: Document written by Martyn Winn and Document written by Peter Briggs as to what CCP4@DL can contribute to BoXHIT

Victor is coordinator of BioXHIT. Selected panel members include: Gerard, Christian Cambillau (Marseilles, MB, cloning experiments, structural genomics), Sine Larsen (small molecule crystallography), Colin, Sean McSweeney, Manfred Weiss (working with Victor, mainly software).

6 million Euros over 5 years and 12 groups, with 2 million Euros going to SME's. CLRC deadline is end of November. BioXHIT do not want to add any more groups prior to 4th December meeting. CCP4 interests include Structure Solution Part III. CCP4 should be properly involved. By end of next week's meeting, a 4 minute presentation should be ready as to what CCP4@DL is proposing as part of the BioXHIT program. Need to identify 1 or 2 major tasks and find people to do those tasks.

Pryank Patel