CCP4 Releases: Information for Developers

This page is intended to act as a resource for developers wishing to contribute to the next release of the CCP4 software suite.

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Next release: 6.1 code Staithes

The next version of CCP4 is due to be released towards the autumn of 2008. However, expect rolling updates of the non-core modules in the meantime.

Current release: version 6.0.2

CCP4 6.0.2 is now available from the CCP4 ftp site (updated 26-10-2006):

This is tagged as release-6_0_2 in the CCP4 CVS archive. There is also a patch branch tagged as release-6_0_patch which will be used to generate any future patch releases.

Please report any problems with the release to us at


In the past a distribution consisting of only the CCP4 libraries has been exported directly from the head of the CVS tree on a regular basis and made available here, however as of August 2008 this service has been withdrawn due to lack of demand.

The most recent export was made on 21st August 2008:

Distributions consisting of the libraries from CCP4 6.0 series releases are available here:

Distributions consisting of the libraries from the 5.0 series releases are also available:

To build any of these "onlylibs" distributions, follow the instructions here.


The deadline for submissions to CCP4 6.1 is now passed. However submissions for inclusion into future releases are welcome at any time, please e-mail

Announcements for the benefit of contributors regarding the status of the next release will also be made from time to time via the CCP4 Developers Bulletin Board (ccp4-dev). Traffic on ccp-dev is normally very light, and it is recommended that anyone interested in keeping up-to-date should subscribe to this list.

Please address questions, feature requests or offers of updated or new software to the CCP4 staff at


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