CCP4 Annual developer's meeting

The Cosener's House, Abingdon, 17th-19th March 2008

Meeting agenda

Monday 17th March

15:00. Chair KSW WP0 Core activities

15:00 M Winn Core activities. Releases, Support, Libraries, workshops 2008, PDB format, Time review of staff activities.
15:45 G Murshudov Release system requirements
16:00 KSW List major points for Wednesday session

16:30. Chair GM WP4 Molecular Replacement

16:30 A McCoy Phaser progress report
17:00 R Keegan MrBump: progress report
17:30 F Long BALBES: progress report
17:50 A Vagin (i) MOLREP: EM models in MR (ii) SOLUTION_CHECK: Are two solutions identical?
18:10 GM List major points for Wednesday session

Tuesday 18th March

8:30 Chair PE WP3 Experimental Phasing

8:30 R Read Phaser developments
9:00 P Emsley The State of Happy and Testing
9:20 N Pannu Crank performance using JCSG data and the importance of better FAs
9:45 C Ballard PHATS
10:00 PE List major points for Wednesday session

10:30 Chair PB WP1 Program output, Manual & WIKI

10:30 P Briggs Baubles for re-presenting CCP4 program output
10:55 P Evans What this developer wants from CCP4 output (baubles and loggraph)
11:15 K Cowtan The CCP4 Wiki
11:40 P Briggs List major points for Wednesday session

12:00 Chair AL WP2 Data acquisition and processing, Recent and planned developments

12:00 H Powell MOSFLM
12:15 L Kontogiannis imosflm
12:30 Lunch
13:45 W Armour Absorption correction software
14:00 F Remacle Diffraction Image
14:15 G Winter XIA2
14:30 N Stein Truncate2
14:45 A Ashton Diamond
15:00 P Briggs List major points for Wednesday session

15:15 Chair KC WP5 Automated Model Building & Refinement

15:15 K Cowtan Buccaneer
15:40 S Cohen ARP/wARP
16:15 N Pannu Buccaneer and ARP/wARP in CRANK
16:35 G Murshudov Refmac, JLigand
16:55 R Pannu SAD and SIRAS refinement in refmac
17:20 KC List major points for Wednesday session

17:30 Chair MN WP6 Molecular Graphics & the GUI

17:30 M Noble Overview and GUI futures
17:50 P Briggs DBViewer and CCP4i developments
18:10 S McNicholas QtMG
?? D van Aalten PRODRG
19:30 Dinner
21:30 B Lohkamp Coot: User interface and portability work
21:50 P Emsley COOT futures

Wednesday 19 March

9:30 Chair JN 10 min. Summaries by Chairs on the WP plans for the following 6 months with details and deliverables. To be updated on the basis of the WP sessions.

11:00 R Esnouf PIMS current status
11:30 I Berry xtalPIMS
12:00 Chair T Skarzynski General discussion and conclusions