CCP4 Annual developer's meeting

University of York, 27th-29th March 2007

Developers' Meeting

Minutes of CCP4 Joint Exec & STAB meetings

Minutes of CCP4 Joint Exec & STAB meetings, Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th March 2007 are available in Word

Developer talks

Tuesday 27th March

Session 1. Data processing

14:00 Intro: Andrew Leslie
14:05 MOSFLM and GUI: Andrew Leslie/Harry Powell
14:30 Image formats: Francois Remacle
14:40 Automation, beam lines & Diamond: Alun Ashton
14:55 Absorption correction: Wes Armour
15:10 Crystals to synchrotrons 1: Ian Berry
15:25 Crystals to synchrotrons 2: Johan Turkenburg
15:40 TRUNCATE2: Norman Stein
15:50 SFCHECK: Alexei Vagin/Garib Murshudov
16:00 XIA: Graeme Winter
16:15 Discussion Leader: Andrew Leslie

Session 2. Experimental phasing

17:00 Intro: Paul Emsley
17:05 HAPPY: Paul Emsley
17:20 PHASER: Randy Read
17:40 PIRATE: Kevin Cowtan
18:00 Discussion Leader: Paul Emsley

Wednesday 28th March

Session 3: Refinement & Model Building

9:00 Intro: Eleanor Dodson
9:05 BUCCANEER, COOT & low resolution: Kevin Cowtan
9:25 REFMAC developments, Twinning, Dictionary and Ligands: Garib Murshudov
9:45 Bootstrapping in Refinement: Gabor Bunkoczi
9:55 RAPPER: Nick Furnham
10:10 ARPwARP developments: Serge Cohen
10:30 Discussion Leader: Eleanor Dodson

Session 4. Core activities

11:00 Intro: Martyn Winn
11:05 Overview including distribution of core team efforts/Staff involved. Review of 2006/7. Plans for 2007/8: Summary of other Grants, e.g. BIOXHIT, e-htpx, PIMS: Martyn Winn
11:25 Release 6.0 and future release cycles, newly introduced software: Charles Ballard
11:40 Installation: Francois Remacle
11:50 Meetings: Maeri Howard
12:00 Python and XML Working Party: Martyn Winn
12:15 Discussion Leader How to better integrate development activities with core activities: Keith Wilson

Session 5. Automation of Molecular Replacement

14:00 Intro: Martyn Winn
14:05 MrBUMP: Ronan Keegan
14:25 Databases: Garib Murshudov/Alexei Vagin
14:45 BALBES: Fei Long
15:00 PHASER: Randy Read
15:15 Discussion leader: Martyn Winn

Session 6: GUI/Documentation/Feedback-to-user

16:00 Intro, Manuals and documentation: Eleanor Dodson
16:05 Wiki: Kevin Cowtan
16:25 GUI: Peter Briggs
16:40 Database: Wendy Yang
16:50 Discussion Leader (STABí°«s vision of Future GUI needs, and how to get there): Tadeusz Skarzynski

Session: 7: PIMS

17:40 PIMS (The problems of project management): Rob Esnouf
17:55 PIMS developments and plans: Chris Morris
18:05 Developing PiMS 1.0: Bill Lin
18:15 Discussion Leader: Susy Griffiths

Thursday 29th March

Session 8: Graphics & Structure Analysis

9:00 Intro: Kevin Cowtan
9:05 COOT-validation: Paul Emsley
9:25 CCP4mg: Stuart McNicholas
9:50 PISA: Eugene Krissenel
10:10 Deposition from CCP4: Sameer Velankar (EBI)
10:30 Discussion Leader: Kevin Cowtan

Final round up: agenda will be finalised at the meeting.

11:00 Intro: Keith Wilson
11:05 Finance status: Keith Wilson
11:15 The 2008-2013 CCP4 Grant plans: Jim Naismith
11:35 Vision of CCP4 in the future What the user community wants: Tadeusz Skarzynski
11:55 Management plans & Strategy (Exec, STAB, DLS move, working parties): Keith Wilson
12:15 Final Decisions - formulation of new actions (management, people, timelines, deliverables, meetings): Keith Wilson
12:55 Date & Formats of future meetings: Exec/Annual/WG2/Developers