Collaborative Computational Project No. 4
Software for Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography


DLS-CCP4 Data Collection and Structure Solution Workshop December 1-9 2015

Photos from the second DLS-CCP4 Workshop

Lecture and tutorial slides

Thank you to the lecturers for providing their presentations and tutorial materials.

Day 1

Elspeth Garman Cryo-cooling and radiation damage

Day 2

Martin Walsh Snapshot of Structural Biology at Diamond
David Lawson Optimising the Diamond experience from a user's perspective
Andreas Förster Optimizing data quality with Hybrid Photon Counting detectors

Days 3 & 4

Sasha Popov BEST data collection strategies
Andrew Leslie Data Processing with iMosflm
Andrew Leslie iMosflm training
Phil Evans CCP4 i2
Phil Evans Data Reduction
James Foadi BLEND Tutorials

Day 5

Kay Diederichs Data quality statistics
Kay Diederichs Principles of data processing with XDS
Gordon Leonard (Solving) the Phase Problem
Raj Pannu Experimental phasing in Crank2
Andrea Thorn SHELXC/D/E Tutorial

Day 6

Clemens Vonrhein Experimental Phasing with SHARP/autoSHARP
Randy Read Likelihood and SAD phasing in Phaser
Randy Read Likelihood-based molecular replacement in Phaser
Kevin Cowtan Automated Phase Improvement and Model Building
Ronan Keegan Automated Molecular Replacement in CCP4 - MrBUMP/BALBES
Jens Thomas AMPLE

Day 7

Clemens Vonrhein autoSHARP reference card
Kevin Cowtan Model Building
Kevin Cowtan Privateer: validation of carbohydrate structures
Oleg Kovalevskiy & Rob Nicholls Refinement
Stephen Curry Why Should You Communicate Science?

Day 8

Robbie Joosten Validation & optimisation

Day 9

Stuart McNicholas CCP4MG
Stuart McNicholas CCP4MG Tutorial
Eugene Krissinel Macromolecules and Interactions

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