------------ CCP4 Newsletter - January 1997 ------------

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CCP4 - Recent changes

Martyn Winn & Adam Ralph

Daresbury Laboratory,
WA4 4AD, U.K.

Since the last Newsletter, version 3.2 of the CCP4 suite has been released. In addition to a number of bug fixes and enhancements to existing programs, this release includes the following new programs:

  1. MAKEDICT: will produce TNT or PROTIN dictionary entries from a PDB or PROTIN file (Phil Evans).
  2. MATTHEWS_COEF: written by Misha Isupov to calculate the Matthews coefficient given the cell, symmetry, number of atoms etc..
  3. RASMOL: RasMol 2.6 (unix and VMS versions) is now distributed with CCP4 (Roger Sayle).
  4. SCALEPACK2MTZ: Convert SCALEPACK output into an MTZ file. It then must go through TRUNCATE to convert to Fs.

A full list of changes for version 3.2 is appended below.

Documentation for most of the main programs is now distributed in html format, in addition to the man page source and formatted versions. Point your browser at $CCP4/html/INDEX.html These html files are at the moment generated automatically, and are perhaps not ideal. They will be gradually improved, and at some point the man page source files (man1/*.1 etc.) will be made obsolete.

An official mirror site for the Suite was set up in September at the Photon Factory, Japan by Atsushi Nakagawa. This supplements the other mirror site in San Diego. Details can be found on the CCP4 home page.

If you are having problems with CCP4 programs either compiling or running then have a look at the Problem Page. This contains various fixes effected since the latest release.

Finally, thanks to all those who visited us at the IUCr Commercial Exhibit Show in Seattle. We hope you were suitable impressed by the poster!

Changes to the Suite

Building etc.

Program changes

New programs




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