CCP4 7.1: Known issues

Choosing browser for CCP4 Cloud on Windows

On Windows, when you launch CCP4 Cloud (remote or desktop), please do not attempt to choose any other browser than 'start' from the configuration options, which implies the default browser. The other options are currently not working.

Delayed start of CCP4 Cloud Remote

It may occur that CCP4 Cloud starts with some delay. This happens because sometimes connection to remote CCP4 Cloud servers is delayed. Please be patient and wait extra time if you see the message 'Start failed or delayed'.

Missing libraries

BINARY.setup currently gives an obsolete link to the solutions on missing libraries on certain Linux distributions. Here is the correct link: Note that those solutions may apply on other Linux distributions as well, should you encounter such warnings.

Old AMD processors

If you have Linux on an old (pre-2010) AMD machine, CCP4i2 will report an 'illegal instruction'. COOT will fail to start, too. This occurs due missing support for some recent instruction sets. We are in the process of preparing an alternative release package for those processors.