CCP4 installation instructions


Note: only 64-bit systems are supported.

  1. Download installation packages (CCP4+SHELX+COOT) named ccp4-7.1.NNN-win64.exe (where NNN is the update number).
  2. If you have a previous version of CCP4 on your computer, it should be uninstalled first.
    1. Make sure that no CCP4 jobs and processes are running, and close CCP4 graphical interfaces (ccp4i,ccp4i2)
    2. REBOOT your computer in order to quit all CCP4 residual processes.
    3. Use Windows Settings to uninstall previously installed CCP4.
    4. Make sure that CCP4 directory (usually C:\CCP4-7) does not exist. If directory is still present, REMOVE it manually
  3. Run CCP4 installer and follow all instructions.
  4. Immediately after installation, REBOOT your computer.
CCP4 launchers (icons) will appear on your desktop and in Start Menu.

Mac OSX and Linux

Note: only 64-bit systems are supported.

On these systems, CCP4 may be installed either with CCP4 Setup Manager or from tarball.

Installation using CCP4 Setup Manager

  1. Download CCP4 Setup Manager (macosx-x86_64_ccp4-7.1-setup.dmg for Mac OSX and ccp4-7.1-setup.tar.gz for Linux).
  2. On Max OSX:
    1. Open the file downloaded by double-clicking in Finder window.
    2. RIGHT-CLICK or Ctrl-CLICK on diamond-shape icon in the window opened, and choose "Open" from the dropdown menu. Ignore OS warnings and confirm that you wish to run the program.
  3. On Linux, open a terminal and type:
    cd ~/Downloads # (or another directory where the file was downloaded)
    tar -xvzf ccp4-7.1-setup.tar.gz
  4. Check all components that you wish to install and progress with installation using "Next" button in the bottom of every page presented. You may be asked to enter your password at certain stages.
  5. Wait until Setup Manager finishes to download all packages, and start installation by pressing "Install" button in the bottom of the Download Page.

Installation from tarballs

  1. Download tarball of your choice (e.g. ccp4-7.1.NNN-linux64.tar.gz).
  2. Unpack it and move to destination by typing in Terminal (assume destination directory /opt/xtal):
    cd ~/Downloads
    tar -xvzf ccp4-7.1.NNN-linux64.tar.gz
    mkdir /opt/xtal
    mv ccp4-7.1 /opt/xtal/
  3. Run the installation script:
    cd /opt/xtal/ccp4-7.1

CCP4 launchers

On Mac OSX, CCP4 launchers (icons) are found in the installation directory (usually /Applications/ccp4-7.1), named as,, and They may be copied to Desktop or Dock, if found more convenient.

On Linux, CCP4 launchers (ccp4i2, ccp4cloud-config, ccp4cloud-desktop and ccp4cloud-remote) should be found in Activities (on Ubuntu), or in Applications/Other (on GNOME). This may not happen in some Linux flavours. Should this be the case, please make own launchers using scripts,, and, found in CCP4's bin directory (e.g. /opt/xtal/ccp4-7.1/bin).